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between the Church Districts Lüdenscheid-Plettenberg / Germany und Missenye / Tansania.

Our partner church district Missenye / Tanzania

Tanzania is situated in East Africa and with an area of 945.00km² three times as large as the Federal Republic of Germany. Over 40% of the 32 million inhabitants are members of a Christian Church. The parishes in our partner church district Missenye are members of the Evangelical - Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT).

The Church District of Missenye is in the North Western Diocese of the ELCT based in Bukoba. This area is affected by the riots in Rwanda and Burundi. The population belongs to the Haya people. "Kihaya" is the native language. The official language Kiswahili is not spoken by everybody.
The Church District of Missenye is divided into five parishes: Bugango, Kashozi, Kyaka, Minziro, Ngando.

Every parish consists of several congregations. More than 30 evangelists, four pastors and the district pastor work together with volunteers. Every congregation has about 200 up to 1000 members, who live in scattered settlements or small banana plantations ("shambas").

What is important for us

Partnership is characterised by the trustful relationship between friends. The partners take care of meeting each other, of establishing contacts, and of sharing each others faith.
The parishes in Missenye and Lüdenscheid-Plettenberg celebrate "Partnership Services" on every third Sunday in September. They exchange reports and pray for each other.
Every two years delegations visit the partner district which creates close relations between people and parishes.


Partnership has developed from the idea of mission. African Christians from Uganda brought the gospel to Missenye. Today the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT) is an independent church. It has become a missionary church itself.

"As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. (1. Peter, 4, 10) Once Bishop Kibira from Bukoba put it this way: "Today we are partners that means we are all giving and receiving. There is no church that has nothing to give - as small as the church may be. And there is no church who needs nothing - as big and rich as the church may be. We need each other."

Partnership is based on personal contact.


The church district of Lüdenscheid-Plettenberg supports two projects: The Missenye Orphans Scholarship Scheme (M.O.S.S.) * and the Poor Patients` Fund (PPF) *. In addition individual projects are supported occasionally, as for example, supporting schools or buying an ambulance.

*PPF Poor Patients' Fund
Since the 1990s the church district has sent medicine to the church-owned dispensary in Igayaza and has provided funds for the Poor Patients` Fund. The number of patients has doubled since the opening of a second dispensary in Bugango. The PPF pays for treatment and medicine. Only a small amount of money is needed to help sick people: A treatment for malaria costs € 2,50, the cure of an often lethal infection with measles costs € 12.

* M.O.S.S. Missenye Orphans Scholarship Scheme

More than 80 people are sponsored by M.O.S.S. (25 € for each per month). There are no administration fees. The costs for living, school fees, teaching materials, school uniforms and medical care are covered. Thus, young people are enabled to obtain a vocational training or attend secondary school.

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